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Ant Prevention Program

Versacor’s Ant Prevention program is a sophisticated approach to eliminating ants and preventing reoccurrences.  Our program is centered on the use of non-repellent materials such as baits and non-repellent liquid residuals.  Because ants are social insects, they move through these products and take them back to the nest, effectively eliminating the entire colony. 

  1. Identification of the ant species is made as the first and most important step in developing the proper elimination strategy.
  2. During the initial service, non-repellent liquid applications are performed on the interior and/or immediate exterior perimeter of the building where ants are present.

Hand bait applications are then made using baits determined to be most effective for those particular ant species during the initial service and each regular exterior service.  

Black Ant Close-up for our Ant Prevention Program Page

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