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Educational Institutions

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

“Versacor’s EcoGuard® service eliminates pests in an environmentally friendly way, avoiding unnecessary pesticide usage while delivering exceptional results.”

Managed Pest Solutions

  • Protecting the health, property and reputation of our clients
  • Total Elimination
  • Proactive Program
  • EcoGuard® Service
  • Prevention
  • Quality Management


  • A safer, more effective way to protect your business
  • Environmentally friendly pest programs
  • Minimal pesticide exposure
  • Non-repellent products
  • LEED Compliance


  • Quality Assurance Program provides verification and validation of pest program effectiveness
  • Quarterly visits & Annual Facility Assessments
  • Rapid Response to ESRs
  • Open line of communication & detailed documentation

A healthy learning environment, free from pests and pesticide exposure, is essential. Children and young adults are especially susceptible to pesticide exposure and the allergens that come with certain types of pest infestations. At Versacor, our exclusive environmentally-friendly programs eliminate pests in a safe and effective way.