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Rodent Program

Risk Mitigation

Our rodent program is designed to protect your facility with two lines of defense:  (1) reducing the rodent population on the exterior of your facility thereby minimizing the risk of entry and (2) catching and removing any rodents that may find their way inside before they have a chance to breed. 

Exterior Rodent Program

As part of the Exterior Rodent Program, bait stations are strategically placed around your facility and in areas where rodents are likely to visit, such as the dumpster corral or receiving area.  All bait stations are tamper resistant, labeled, numbered and secured with a paver block.  Our bait stations are made from 100% recycled plastic and the concrete block is made with “green” cement that meets LEED specifications.  Baits are secured inside the station with a plastic rod.  Additionally, we inspect the exterior perimeter of the property for rodent burrows and treat those accordingly.  Any potential rodent entries to the building are identified and the appropriate recommendations are made to seal those openings. 

Rodent Abatement Program

While the best opportunity for reducing rodent activity is an effective, prevention-based rodent program on the interior and exterior of a facility, when activity occurs, a more extensive Rodent Abatement Program may be necessary. A Rodent Abatement Program takes into account the specific risks of the facility, as well as the factors contributing to a rodent population, to create an extensive solution that eliminates active rodents and the conditions that allowed them to thrive. Versacor utilizes detailed inspections, multiple types of traps and rodenticides, and structural improvements, if necessary, to manage rodent populations and reduce the likelihood of reinfestation.  

Interior Rodent Program

The Interior Rodent Program consists of mechanical catch traps placed in areas where rodents are likely to go if they were to enter the facility.  These devices contain a glue board that serves to monitor insect activity and make for easy removal of any captured rodents.

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