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Bird Management

Full Service

Versacor is a full service provider of bird management solutions, including exclusion, trapping, taste repellents, tactile repellents, audible deterrents, electrical shock-type systems and others. Deterring, excluding or otherwise eliminating birds from a particular area is usually not a one-time proposition but rather requires an on-going commitment for long-term results. We recommend on-going bird management programs in most cases to ensure a continued reduction in the numbers of pest birds affecting your property, thereby protecting the reputation of your business and the health and safety of your employees, customers and guests.


Our team of bird experts bring decades of bird prevention experience, having successfully performed hundreds of bird exclusion and control jobs across the region. We have tackled jobs involving netting and other physical exclusion techniques, electrical deterrents, sound deterrents, tactile repellents, taste repellents and other methods. We are experts in virtually every facet of bird exclusion and control. And our goal is always the same– to provide the most effective, longest lasting, and value-oriented solution to the client.

Enhanced Safety and Reduced Liability

Birds and bird droppings can contain various viruses, bacteria, and parasites. In fact, birds are known to harbor over forty types of parasites and host internally over sixty types of infectious diseases, including histoplasmosis. Eliminating these pests creates a safer work environment for you, your employees, and your vendors. Because it is well known that birds can carry disease, this possibility of the spread of illness

Brand Protection

Your brand and reputation are paramount– we understand that. Unsightly and dangerous bird droppings and nesting material can tarnish your reputation and damage your brand.

Reduced Expenses

The prolonged presence of pest birds can be a costly situation. Bird droppings are very acidic in nature. They actually eat away at many substrates; can clog equipment, thereby shortening its life; and cause electrical shorts, among other detriments. By dealing with the problem once and for all, you can reduce your overall costs.

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