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Drain and Odor Tabs

Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs are a bacteria-based product that feed on decaying organic material in cracks and drains, eliminating breeding sites for flies. Can be used as a mop water additive, spot treatment and/or poured directly into drains.

VDOT tabs are a natural, non-pesticidal method for eliminating small flies. The bacteria in VDOT Tabs disrupt the life cycle and breeding ground of small flies by degrading the organic material that flies need to successfully lay eggs. It not only works in floor drains but also in any small cracks and crevices of the floor. Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs are also very simple to use. Once a day, drop an effervescent tablet into the mop bucket and wet mop the floor. Because the bacteria are in spore form, it can be combined with other powerful cleaning agents to provide a surface free of organic matter.

Drain and odor Tabs image

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