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Insect Light Trap Program

Insect Light Traps (ILTs) are installed in strategic locations inside your facility to capture flies that have  made their way inside. ILTs also allow us to monitor fly activity which aids in identifying the source.  Although there are many different brands and designs of insect light traps on the market today,  Versacor uses only those units that are proven to be the most effective.

  • Horizontal traps will catch more flies than vertically mounted traps because flies fly sideways, thereby increasing their exposure time.
  • All things being equal, the larger the ILT and the greater the wattage of the bulbs, the more effective it will be.
  • ILT bulbs will shine for more than a year but will lose their phosphorus coating and become much less effective. 
  • Nature of response- 92% of flies are caught within 7 hrs. and 99% within 36 hrs.  Sometimes flies will hang out for several days before being attracted.
  • Visual Acuity- Houseflies respond at about 20 to 25 ft. with a significant increase at about 12 ft. Fruit flies only respond at a couple feet.

Interested In Versacor’s Insect Light Trap Program?