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Large Fly Treatment

Flying insect programs are designed to control the larger species of flies such as house flies, blow flies, bottle flies, etc. that typically originate outdoors. As part of the regular pest service, your Versacor Service Specialist inspects both the interior and exterior of the facility to find fly breeding areas, locate sources of fly activity, and identify conditions that may be conducive to fly breeding. We are also looking for structural conditions that could allow flies to enter the facility such as cracks, holes, or gaps in the building or negative air pressure within the facility that actually draws flies inside when doors are opened.

The following options for controlling flying insects are not part of the pest service and are available at an additional cost.

  • Fly Spot Bait. Fly spot bait can be applied to both the interior and/or exterior of your facility. This product dries to a thin, invisible coating that is extremely attractive to large flies and with regular applications quickly reduces the population of adult flies.
  • Exterior Fly Baiting. Granular fly bait is applied to exterior areas where flies are known to congregate and breed, such as the dumpster corral. Bait can also be housed in fly bait stations that will protect it from the weather and provide a longer-lasting supply of bait.
  • Exclusion. All areas where flies may be entering the structure are identified. Recommendations will be made to proof these areas by installing screens, door sweeps, astragal seals, air curtains, etc.
  • Other Options. A variety of other treatment methods are available such as exterior liquid residual applications, interior residual wipe-downs, fly parasitoids, fly trapping devices and more.

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