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General Odor Control System

Versacor’s Odor Control System

Versacor’s odor-neutralizing system eliminates odors where you need it most: trash rooms, garbage and compactor areas, trash chutes, storage rooms, industrial sites, loading docks, and more. Not only are offensive odors unpleasant, but they also attract a variety of unwanted pests. Operation is simple; a control unit and an appropriate number of satellite units holding the odor-neutralizing solution are installed, depending on the level of odor management needed. Air lines distribute the solution throughout the space. The frequency and duration of dispersal can be adjusted from the control unit, providing odor protection around the clock.

Variety of Facilities

Disinfectant services can be performed in a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Food Processing Plants
Turnkey Solution

Versacor professionally installs the odor control system in the optimal location for the best results. We program the control unit and refill the odor-neutralizing solution each month, all for one low monthly fee.

Reduces Pest Attractants

Reducing or eliminating odors is a significant component in reducing fly populations. Flies are highly attracted to odors, so by reducing odors, flies are less likely to travel to that particular area to breed.

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