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Small Fly Assistance

Image of a small fly with no background

We recognize that small filth flies- particularly fruit flies- are one of the most significant pest issues in commercial kitchens today. Accordingly, Versacor provides an array of fruit fly solutions to assist you in having a fly-free establishment.

Sanitation and/or structural issues are the root cause of virtually every fruit fly problem. Our Service Specialists will identify all potential sources of fruit fly activity and provide those to you in the form of recommendations and corrective actions.

During the initial service, we will demonstrate to you and your staff proper cleaning techniques and the use of Versacor’s Fruit Fly Defense System, which contains various tools and fly-elimination products such as MicrobeMax and Versacor Drain and Odor Tab. This is a highly effective fruit fly elimination and prevention system when used on a daily basis and isavailable at an additional cost.

Interested in learning more about Versacor’s Small Fly Assistance Program?