Versacor’s disinfection service is a one-step program effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including Human Coronavirus. Versacor professionals treat your premises using specialized equipment that disperses a disinfecting wet mist onto potentially contaminated surfaces. Our broad spectrum, EPA registered disinfectant also acts as a sanitizer, virucide, mildewstat, fungicide and deodorizer. Disinfectant services can be performed in a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Food Processing Plants

Our disinfection service is highly effective when treating hard, non-porous surfaces such as doors, desks, countertops and other high-touch surfaces, including food-contact surfaces. In food processing environments, product can be applied as a volumetric application to disinfect virtually all contact surfaces. Surfaces are disinfected in 10 minutes and no residual remains after product dries.


Versacor’s odor neutralizing system eliminates odors where you need it most: trash rooms, garbage and compactor areas, trash chutes, storage rooms, industrial sites, loading docks, and more. Not only are offensive odors unpleasant, but they also attract a variety of unwanted pests. Operation is simple; a control unit and an appropriate number of satellite units holding the odor neutralizing solution are installed, depending on the level of odor management needed. Air lines distribute the solution throughout the space. Frequency and duration of dispersal can be adjusted from the control unit, providing odor protection around the clock.



Versacor professionally installs the odor control system in the optimal location for best results. We program the control unit and refill the odor neutralizing solution each month, all for one low monthly fee.



Reducing or eliminating odors is a significant component in reducing fly populations. Flies are highly attracted to odors, so by reducing odors, flies are less likely to travel to that particular area to breed.

Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs

Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs are a bacteria-based product that feed on decaying organic material in cracks and drains, eliminating breeding sites for flies. Can be used as a mop water additive, spot treatment and/or poured directly into drains.

Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs are a natural, non-pesticidal method for eliminating small flies. The bacteria in Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs disrupt the life cycle and breeding ground of small flies by degrading the organic material that flies need to successfully lay eggs. It not only works in floor drains but also in any small cracks and crevices of the floor. Versacor Drain and Odor Tabs are simple to use- once a day, drop an effervescent tablet into the mop bucket and wet mop the floor. And because the bacteria are in spore form, it can be combined with other powerful cleaning agents.



Versacor’s goal in delivering your pest service is straightforward—total elimination of infestations. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to all types of pest problems. So, in addition to offering services for the more common pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice and ants, we’ve developed a wide array of creative solutions for other pests, from fruit flies to birds to bed bugs. Our groundbreaking programs were developed through years of experience working with some of the most innovative businesses and research facilities in the United States. And it’s the disciplined, scientific approach of Versacor’s EcoGuard® service process that makes the difference.



Through a Managed Pest Solution, we design, implement and maintain your program for quality, consistency and long-term results. We start by completely eliminating any existing pest activity. Then we set up a proactive program to monitor for newly introduced pests and eliminate them as they occur using our environmentally friendly EcoGuard® service. We prevent reoccurrences by making your facility less conducive to pest infestations through structural, storage and sanitation improvements. Your account is then actively managed through our Quality Management Program that includes ongoing quality assurance visits to ensure we’re meeting your expectations and that you’re fully protected.



Versacor’s EcoGuard® Service Protocols are more than just an instruction manual. They’re the culmination of a rigorous testing, evaluation and selection process of dozens of potential products to find only those that meet our criteria:

  • Lowest hazard to humans
  • Lowest environmental impact
  • Maximum effectiveness against target pests

These Service Protocols also provide a systematic and scientific approach to treating pests that allows our Service Specialists to deliver superior service results every visit.

Versacor’s EcoGuard® Service Protocols incorporate advanced technology, including products containing entirely new chemistry. This cockroach succumbed to a recently developed molecule that is highly effective against insects but has extremely low mammalian toxicity and minimal environmental impact.



Repellent products were the mainstay of pest control companies for many years. Although they kill quickly, repellent products tend to simply disperse insects away from the point of application without eliminating them at the source. Non-repellent products, on the other hand, allow insects to unknowingly move through the pesticide, or feed on the bait, which they take back to the remainder of the colony. And non-repellent products allow for more precise, targeted applications thereby reducing the amount of pesticide being used. So, when pesticide applications must be made, Versacor uses non-repellent products such as baits, dusts and non-repellent liquids. This is one more way we safely and effectively protect your business while safeguarding the environment.



The concept of Versacor’s Managed Pest Solution is simple—do what you say you’re going to do and do it consistently. At Versacor, we live up to that promise by providing pest-free environments for all types of businesses. And to keep it simple, a Managed Pest Solution has five straightforward components that not only make sense, but work.

We start with TOTALLY ELIMINATING the existing infestation. This happens during the initial service and follow-ups. We work diligently on your property until every pest is eliminated, period.

We then move to the PROACTIVE component where we install an interior and exterior rodent program along with monitors and insect light traps (as needed). These monitoring devices help us identify introduced pests before they have a chance to breed and become a customer complaint or larger problem.

Of course, the entire service delivery is done in an eco-friendly way using our exclusive ECOGUARD® SERVICE PROTOCOLS that eliminate pests while minimizing pesticide usage. And, by making only targeted pesticide applications, we achieve superior results with minimal impact to the environment.

We then focus on PREVENTION. By caulking and sealing and working with our clients to correct structural and sanitation issues, we prevent future pest problems. And preventing problems is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

The final component is our QUALITY MANAGEMENT process. Through quality assurance visits and account management we ensure that the service we deliver is a premium service—not only in the beginning but on-going, month after month.



Every day it seems there is increasing scrutiny on the food and beverage industry, particularly in the area of compliance by regulatory authorities and third-party auditors. Versacor’s AuditPro® Managed Pest Program was designed to flawlessly deliver pest services that meet those regulations.

We begin by developing a customized, risk-based program that meets the needs of your facility to effectively protect it from pests, meets all requirements of the relevant third-party auditors and meets the requirements of GFSI benchmarked food safety schemes, such as SQF and BRC. Then, your account is assigned a quality management team, program implementation is completed and a Versacor’s AuditPro® Certified Specialists begins performing your regular service.


With a Versacor AuditPro® Managed Pest Program, you can rest assured that your service is being delivered by the most knowledgeable, qualified Specialists within the industry. Only those Versacor Service Specialists who meet our stringent requirements for performance, experience and training achieve the AuditPro® Certified designation. These include completion of our own AuditPro Food Plant Training Program as well as certification by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) in Pest Management Standards for Food Plants and the American Institute of Baking (AIB) Food Safety Essentials program. This level of specialization ensures our program is compliant to the strictest regulatory and auditing agencies. And our ongoing Quality Assurance Program ensures not only the effectiveness of the service, but total compliance with all reporting and documentation requirements.



Versacor’s approach to protecting your business from pests is simple: we provide guaranteed protection from pests in a way that safeguards the environment. And with little or no pesticide exposure, you, your employees and your customers will enjoy a much healthier environment.

Of course, preventing pests in the first place is our primary goal. Using our comprehensive preventive program and by working with our clients to improve building structure and sanitation, we can exclude most pests in an environmentally friendly way.

Our EcoGuard® service philosophy represents a dedication to environmental responsibility, incorporating a continuing reduction in pesticide usage as stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) and an integrated pest management approach that supports the U.S. Green Building Council program, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). And because our EcoGuard® service results in little or no pesticide exposure, you, your staff and your clients benefit from a healthier environment.

The steps of our EcoGuard® service process start with inspection and identification. Once we find the problem and identify it, we implement a non-pesticidal method such as trapping or physical removal. If we find it necessary to use a pesticide we make a pinpoint application with extreme care using the product that has the lowest hazard to humans and the lowest environmental impact but with the maximum effectiveness. We then monitor to determine the effectiveness of the treatments and whether additional measures are needed. The last step is following up to make sure the problem has been eliminated and by taking corrective measures, such as caulking and sealing, a reoccurrence can be prevented.


Because of their mobility and ability to transmit disease, flies pose a significant health threat to food-related operations. Flying insects such as bees, wasps and mosquitoes also pose considerable health and safety risks to the employees and guests of commercial businesses. As a result, there is a growing demand for solutions to flying insect pests.

Versacor developed a series of integrated flying insect programs which have proven effective at dramatically reducing flying insects in and around facilities of all types, thus improving workplace health, safety and guest satisfaction while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Versacor’s flying insect solutions are all components of our EcoGuard® service protocols that provide exceptional results while safeguarding the environment.

A Few Facts About House Flies

  • House flies are also known as filth flies because they lay their eggs in moist, decaying organic material, primarily manure or garbage.
  • Each female fly lays up to 500 eggs over a three to four day period.
  • The life cycle from egg to adult requires as little as seven to 10 days.
  • In addition to being a nuisance, house flies are known vectors of disease. Laboratory experiments in which flies were allowed to first walk over culture media and then sterile dishes resulted in the growth of more than 100 bacterial and fungal colonies.



Getting to the source of a fly problem is critical. Many times, just eliminating the breeding site will solve a filth fly issue. Our Service Specialists are highly trained and skilled in identifying these sources and providing specific, relevant recommendations.


Preventing flies and other flying insects from entering the building is an important part of overall flying insect program. In addition to our Service Specialists identifying potential entry points and performing minor exclusion work, Versacor represents the full line of Berner® International air curtains for use in all types of commercial and industrial buildings. Air curtains keep insects out as well as help save on heating and cooling costs.

Insect Light Traps

Whether glue board or electrocution type units, insect light traps are the most effective way to safely eliminate flies that have already entered a building. Versacor offers a full line of the most powerful, professional grade insect light traps available anywhere. We offer maintenance programs for your existing light traps as well as full-service rental programs for a turn-key solution.

Biological Controls

Biologicals, such as parasitoid wasps, are eco-friendly alternatives to pesticide applications. Parasitoid wasps are tiny, nocturnal, burrowing insects that do not bite, sting or harm humans and animals. Female wasps pierce a newly formed fly pupa, or cocoon and insert an egg which in turn kills the fly. Food processing facilities typically benefit most from this form of exterior fly control.

Treatment methods

Many fly treatment methods are available to the Versacor Service Specialist including granular and liquid fly baiting and residual wipe-down applications. We use the best products and techniques on the market to ensure a fly-free environment for our clients and their guests. Speak with a Versacor representative to find out more about our fly treatment methods.

Disinfection Service

Versacor's Odor Control System:

  • Handles up to 6 Vapor Stations
  • Operates Automatically & Unattended
  • Weather/Corrosion Resistant
  • Operates Quietly
  • Lockable Enclosure

Pest Program Offerings

  • Cockroach Elimination
  • Rodent Prevention
  • Ant Prevention
  • Fire Ant Elimination
  • Flying Insect Programs
  • Fruit Fly Defense
  • Bird Prevention
  • Weed Control
  • Termite Services
  • Exterior Fly Programs
  • Bed Bug Elimination
  • Mosquito Control
  • Stored Product Insect Programs
  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Structural Improvement Programs
  • Air Fresheners